Meeting the guy behind @NasDaily

Amazing people from all over India in one frame!
  1. Firdosh Sheikh — She co-founded Drife which aims to make the local commute easier and cheaper. Their USP — they let the ride details be available to the cab driver before accepting the ride, leading to near-zero cancellations.
  2. Shaswati P — She works on making workplaces (or places in general) diverse and inclusive. Probably the only person dressed in an elegant saree. She is also a Helen-Keller awardee! 🎉 🙌🏽
  3. Kundan Singh Rajput — Founder of TAG, which is a career counseling app for all categories of students. Walking past him, it's easy to miss him in the crowd but once you talk to him, you can feel the sense of him making a difference in the lives of people.
  4. Mithilesh Bhagat — Founder of TamashaOTT, who aspires to make it easier to publish art films and local content, in general. His platform should be live before the end of this year.



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Punit Gupta

Punit Gupta

Traveller, Storyteller and Tech guy