Your mission: Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret, or fear.
— Karen Salmansohn

Growing up, I had a lot of dreams most of which seemed impossible at that time. I picked some of them and put them on a stick note. I call them “My Bucket List #1”. Most of them are adventurous and I will probably not attempt them ever again. While you read through the rest of this blog, I recommend listening to Avicii — The Nights in the background.

Following are the contents of my Bucket List:

  1. Fly an…

LinkedIn is primarily a platform for building your professional network. It was founded in 2003 and has been growing since. It has helped us look for individuals seeking jobs, Talent Acquisition professionals looking for prospective candidates and Sales professionals looking for prospective clients.

While the platform provides a lot of filters like company, location, job title, and industry, there is no direct way to search for someone by only using their email address.

Almost everyone I know has thought about this question to themselves to asked someone they know who is doing better economically than they are. While many say that — “yes, it does”, some would disagree with that and say that it doesn’t. The answer to this question actually depends on what stage in life are you at.

Discovery Stage

In the early stages of your career, the text message from your bank at the end of the month — “Salary credited” brings immense relief. That message implies that for the next month you will have a roof over your head, food to…

Humans are social animals. Throughout the different stages of our life, we meet a lot of people. We like some of them, while for some we feel that we don’t see them ever again. A lot of them add to our story, some of them spice up our experience with life, and a few of them may even disappoint us. Yet, we keep meeting and interacting with new people.

(Before proceeding further, I recommend listening to Lord of The Rings | The Shire in the background. If nothing, it will lift up your spirits! 🤓)

Based on our association with…

A clipboard is probably one of the most common tools used by anyone using a computer or a mobile device, without really knowing it. It is the place on the system where data is store when you “copy” something — be it a piece of text from the New York Times, an image from Instagram, or a paragraph from MS Word. The same clipboard is used to get the data when performing a “paste” action. …

It is 2 AM. Last night had been anything but quiet. It was CSS’s 26th birthday and our close group of college friends, namely, Charlie, Shani, Sarma, Thakur, and Niks were all seated randomly across the floor of Charlie’s villa in Pondicherry, intoxicated by Old Monk, Coca Cola, or Tropicana Orange. It was the first time in 5 years that we were all seated in a single room (and apparently “single” as well). …

Back in college (almost 7 years ago), I was a nerd and internet-based solutions were part of my daily life. Be it mobile subscriptions, online shopping, movie streaming or banking. You name it and at some point, I would have used it.

The 20th birthday of my then-girlfriend was approaching and I had to figure out a creative way of making it special for her. So, I thought of giving cloud telephony or VOIP a try.

The idea was to create a computer program that would do the following:
1. Trigger a phone call at exactly 11:59 pm
2. Play a customized…

The last 6 months have been a very exciting ride for me. Let me give a brief about myself. I lead the Automation and Infra teams at Rippling, which is a combined workforce of 8 developers. I have been associated with the company for almost 2 years now and whenever I have to take a leave, I need to appoint 2 people to handle everything in my absence.

I had never been successful in taking a leave where things would NOT go haywire.

A strong email from my boss(es) would always be waiting for me in my Inbox upon my…

I started my career 5 years ago as a Software Developer for a Bangalore-based dev shop. Angular and Ruby On Rails were hot stuff in those days and there were only a few companies with talent in those technologies. So, obviously the company had a lot of projects from off-shore clients who wanted us to build prototypes. These clients would have an idea and we would be their technical consultants who would make a proof-of-concept, which would then be used to pitch Investors for a fund-raise. Post that, these clients would hire their own tech team and carry things forward.

Punit Gupta

Traveller, Storyteller and Tech guy

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